Field Target

Keighley Target Sports is a member of  NEFTA. (North East Field Target Association) and twice a year we  hold one of their competition rounds in each of the leagues where the best shooters in the country/ world come to compete.


Field Target shooting is metal shaped targets ranging from 15mm kill to 40mm set at random distances between 10 to 55 yds. The recommended calibre of air rifle is .177 rather the .22 due to the projector of the pellet. The scope that is recommended is one that has a ranging wheel and clear glass at x50 magnification.

The principle of Field target is that you have 15 lanes with 2 targets in each. You may be sitting on a bean bag or firing in the kneeling or standing position. Using your scope you range find the 1st target and take the shot. X for hitting the target down n0  for a miss. Do the same for 2nd target in lane and then let your buddy partner for day do same and move through the course till all 30 targets have been shot.

Hunter Field Target is again mainly using .177 but there is .22 used in this discipline.

Targets are out to 45yds and the maximum mag of the scope is 12x.

The biggest difference between the two is that you cannot range find in Hft. You set your scope to 30yd to 35yd zero and use the mildots , nato ret etc in the scope help you with hitting the target.

There are plenty of techniques from bracketing to knowing the slightest changes in your scope to make sure you have the correct range. Scoring in this discipline is 2 for a hit and 1 for a plate 0 for total miss of target.

There are 15 lanes of 2 targets ranging from 10-45yds. Open class is where you take all these in prone position unless told other wise on the lane and could be a supported kneeler or stander or a unsupported kneeler or stander.

The kill zones again range from 15-40mm and 6 of the 40mm can be 50% obscured, more information and full rules can be found through NFTA.


Permanent plinking and range for practice of this discipline is available at KTS