Indoor Range.

Rimfire shooting at 20 yards and 25 yards

Air Rifle Shooting at various distances up to 25 yards

Individual Shooting Booth’s for prone/sitting or standing

Outdoor Range

50 Yards + 50m + 100 Yards

This is one of the many firing points within our ‘Field Target Area’. The white rings have been added….you can see in the middle of the rings is the actual target…a small yellow metal knockdown type target. These can be up to 55 yards away from the firing point…which after allowing for the wind…is not easy…but it is fun!
Once the target has been knocked down, it then needs pulling back into the upright position for the next competitor. If you look carefully…there is a yellow string which is attached to the targets and comes all the way back to the firing point.

This view shows the three main ranges…indoor/outdoor and field target.