Please feel free to come and look round the club, someone will show you around and explain the disciplines that you can take part in.
As with all Shooting Clubs you will be required to join as a probationary member. By law the minimum probationary period is 3 months for people who already hold a firearms certificate or 6 months for those who do not. During this period you must make a minimum of 12 separate visits. There is a register that must be signed each visit. Probationers will also have an attendance record card which needs to be signed by the range officer on duty or a committee member, each time they visit. After these minimums are reached you will be considered for full membership.

Young People: The minimum age for Air Weapons shooting is 10 years and for rimfire 13 years. At all times you must be accompanied with either a parent or guardian until you are 16 years. The only exception to 10 & 13 years, is if the individual is not physically strong enough to hold a rifle safely.

All applications need to be submitted online.

To apply for membership, please complete the membership and referee forms that are downloadable below. Applicants will need to supply references from two people (not family members) who they have known for a minimum of two years, also a scan or photo of a photo id …such as driving license or passport.
Applications should be emailed to  with the words membership application in the subject. After your referees, have been contacted, you will be emailed about coming to shoot at the club.
On your first visit, please bring copies of: –

  • Confirmation email
  • Signed application form
  • Three passport sized photos
  • Probationary membership fee of £30.

Payment can be as cash or cheque (payable to Keighley Target Sports) and by law the club is required to give the names of any applicants to the local police.

KTS membership form

KTS referee form


KTS membership form

KTS referee form


Membership Fees 2016-2017

Probationer  –  £30

Air Weapons – £144
Field Target   – £ 80

Full / Rimfire – £204

Further details are available at the Club, including discounts for under 18’s