It is illegal to own hand guns and pistols of any type in the UK apart from air pistols. Pistols can be spring powered but normally run on compressed air or CO2 . Targets are quite small and like 10m air rifle this is not an easy event.

The only exception is a “Long Barrelled Pistol “
This is a .22 pistol that has a barrel length of 12 inch’s and an overall length of 24 inch’s. It also has counterweight arms that extend behind it. These arms mean that because of the overall length of the pistol it is actually classed as a rifle despite the fact that it is fired one handed.
Shooting disciplines range from single handed slow fire Precision, to the Olympic Standard pistol course of 5 shots in 10 seconds. There are even competitions where optical sights can be used (which can be very helpful if your eyesight is not 20-20).