Target shooting is a completely safe sport.

Obviously guns of any sort can kill or maim when used inappropriately which is all the more reason to shoot at an established club where there are experienced personnel and rules in place for the safety of all.

The following procedure or very similar will be in place at any shooting club and applies whatever discipline or type of gun is being used.

The most fundamental rule is that guns of any description, whether loaded or not, are never pointed at anyone. Beyond this there are a few simple rules to ensure the safety of everyone.

On the indoor range there are lights that switch between red and green. When the red light is on, shooting may proceed and no person may go in front of the firing point for any reason.

When everyone has finished shooting each shooter must ensure that their gun is not loaded and the breech is open before the red light is turned off and the green light on.

When the green light is on people may walk down the range to change targets and all guns must be left unloaded with the breech open until the green light goes off and the red light goes on.

Additionally, rimfire rifles must have a plastic plug inserted in the breech of the rifle. This simple   measure means that neither a bullet can be loaded or the breech closed making firing impossible.

There are other basic rules that will be outlined to any visitors to the club but compliance with the above ensures that when when guns are loaded no person is in a position where they could possibly be shot, and when they are in front of the firing point no guns are loaded