While it is perfectly fine to shoot just for fun, most shooters find that a bit of friendly competition makes things more interesting.

At Keighley it is possible to compete at club, local, county and national levels. The club runs its own competitions, and also enters members in Leeds area, Yorkshire and national postal competitions which are shot over a number of months. Cards are either scored at the club or posted away and scores entered into various leagues.

Competitions are most often shot in classes or divisions, or sometimes handicap systems are used so that less experienced shooters compete against shooters of similar ability and hence stand a good chance of winning. Postal competitions run over a number of months so are a good measure of consistency.

Additionally the club runs its own and goes to other open shoots where shooters compete shoulder to shoulder, and whoever shoots best on the day takes the prize. The club also takes a large contingent to the National Prone Rifle Championships at Bisley every August, which is a tremendous social event as well as a chance to shoot against others from all over the country.

There is never any pressure to make someone compete if they don’t wish to… the opportunity is there though for those that do.