New to Shooting?…Welcome to Keighley Target Sports


Shooting is a tremendous sport that can be enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages and at all levels.

Whether you just want to shoot for fun or compete at club, regional, county or national level, joining a NSRA (National Smallbore Rifle Association) affiliated club is by far the best way to learn to shoot properly and safely, and then to progress to higher levels. If you wish to obtain a firearms certificate so you can purchase your own guns then it is the best way to do this also.

Keighley is a very friendly club with good facilities and many experienced members who can give coaching and advice on equipment and how to progress within the sport. There are active air , rimfire and Field Target sections within the club and probationary members are encouraged to try different disciplines in the first 6 months of membership.

There are various shooting positions … these are known as the ‘disciplines’ of shooting, using either Air or Rimfire :-

  • Prone… lying down on the ground.
  • Standing… lightweight sporting rifle with a telescopic sight.
  • Benchrest …you are seated, the weight of the rifle is taken by a front stand and use a telescopic sight. Whilst this is physically the easiest way to shoot …benchrest is not, in itself, easy …the bulls are very small and skill is needed to hit the centre every time.
  • Field Target…. This involves both sitting and standing and is an Air Rifle only discipline, we have field and wooded area’s dedicated for field target shooting. Here you will be using air rifles to knock down targets at different distances…up to 55 yards away.

KTS Shooting Range's


Opening times

Air Rifle & Pistol
Tuesday and Friday
7.00 -9.00pm

Rimfire Rifle & Pistol
Wednesday and Thursday
7.00 -9.00pm

Field Target
Winter 9.30am to 3.30pm
Summer 9.30am to 6pm